Uniswap Founder Allegedly Betrays Balance CEO: Legal Action Filed

• Ric Burton, CEO of Balance, has opened legal action against Uniswap founder Hayden Adams over alleged debts incurred by assisting Uniswap to market.
• Burton claims he invested time, friendship and money in the project, only to be betrayed by Adams who refused to repay him.
• Burton was part of the Ethereum Foundation’s investment round for Uniswap and expected compensation for his help but never received it.

Ric Burton Alleges Betrayal from Uniswap Founder

Meeting Hayden Adams

In Spring 2018, Ric Burton was looking for dApp developers in New York. He recalled that out of all the hopefuls he had encountered, Hayden Adams stood out with his unwavering enthusiasm for Uniswap. The pair quickly became close and supported each other in their respective struggles to make it.

Uniswap Investment Round

The Ethereum Foundation soon came knocking on Uniswap’s door after recognizing its potential and investing in the project. With crypto investment firm Paradigm also on board, things looked promising for the protocol’s future. Adams told Burton he intended to include him in the round as repayment for his help – a promise that would never be kept.

Burton Left In Limbo

Things were not going well at Balance while things were very good at Uniswap -Adams raised just over $1m without including Burton as promised. When asked why he wasn’t included in the round despite believing this was what they had agreed upon, Adams disappeared without a trace and left Burton feeling betrayed and heartbroken.

Legal Action Taken Against Adams

In light of these events, Ric Burton has now opened legal action against Hayden Adams due to unpaid debts incurred while assisting him with marketing Uniswap.

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