Online Gambling and The NY Times

When it comes to online gambling, it cannot be talked about without mentioning everything that is going on in the US. Online gambling has been a hot issue for quite some time now. Although Florida, California and of course, Nevada have been making significant strides toward regulation of intrastate online gambling, there are still several in debate.

As this article: in the NY Times points out, there are several supporters for this movement. But, for as many supporters of the Government regulating and taxing online gambling, there are far more opposing the bill.

Groups like Focus on the Family, and Governors like Chris Christie actively oppose the regulation and taxation of the online gambling industry. The benefits seem to not matter. Taxing online poker alone would produce up to 40 billion dollars in just 10 years. This would do wonders for our “cash-strapped” economy. Christie claims that by putting a Federal stamp on online gambling it will surge an outbreak of gambling parlors across the US and eventually lead to the demoralization of all Americans.

The online gambling industry is slowly making moves towards a more Government involved industry. The US Department of Justice recently rewrote the Federal Wire Act of 1961 making intrastate gambling legal, but still held that online sports’ betting was illegal. So what do you think? Will the Government continue to divert the responsibility to the industry heads, while trying to avoid getting involved? Do you agree with the article? What states will be next? I hear Connecticut is close.

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