NFT Paris: Top 10 Alpha Tweets from a Wild Weekend!

• The article is about the most alpha tweets from the NFT Paris event
• It includes quotes from artists and representatives of projects, as well as a video from the ground
• Highlights include Tom Sachs bringing Brigitte Macron into the NFT world, a 500m queue for entry, and artwork on display

Overview of NFT Paris

This article is about the most alpha tweets from an NFT event in Paris. It highlights some of the conversations between collectors, artists, and representatives of projects at the event. This includes Tom Sachs turning Brigitte Macron into an NFT holder and a 500m queue to get into the venue.

DeGodsNFT Party

One highlight from this event was @DeGodsNFT’s viral NFT party. There were discussions on panels regarding AI and generative art which further added to the buzz of this weekend’s events.

Tom Sachs‘ Tweet

Artist Tom Sachs created quite a stir when he posted an image featuring Brigitte Macron joining in on the festivities by holding an NFT. This tweet showcased his artistry while also bringing attention to what looked like one wild weekend at NFT Paris.

The Queue Outside

Those who attended were met with a 500m queue outside before they could enter into their destination. @RugRadio caught some good footage of it while those online expressed their FOMO with hilarious tweets shared across social media platforms.

Art On Display

Aside from all the conversations taking place during this historic weekend there were also many galleries and artists exhibiting their work for all to see. @TheCurated_App recap’d some of these exhibitions in order to give us all a better glimpse into what went down during this monumental event in French crypto history!

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