What You Shouldn’t Do In Blackjack

Every expert out there wants to tell you what to do in your blackjack game. I am here to tell you what you shouldn’t do in bj. I think of myself as a pretty seasoned blackjack player but sometimes I need to reference my favorite website: Wikipedia. Together we have come up with the different things in blackjack game that you should absolutely avoid doing. Here is what we came up with.

Don’t over think the game. Blackjack is a relatively simple game that involves a certain amount of skill. But when you over think your moves you may end up ruining your chances of winning. Trust your gut instinct, it is usually right. Try online casinos offering NetEnt powered casino games.

Do not model your moves after the dealer. The dealer works for the casino, therefore he does not want you winning. Do not mimic the dealer.

Don’t use insurance unless you count cards. You should only use insurance when you know for certain the dealer has blackjack, and you will only know this information if you are a card-counter. Don’t forget the surrender option, but don’t overuse it. Only use the surrender feature if you have a nine or ten and your cards equal 15 or 16, and the dealer has a nine or ten. Do not surrender with a hard 12 or 13; this move is basically giving the casino your money. The best blackjack casino is Stake7.

And finally don’t play blackjack unless you know the rules of the table. Whether you are playing online or at your favorite Brick and Mortar casino, make sure you know the features available and the rules of the game.